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VIAjet™ V-Series

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VIAjet™ V-Series

Powered by the MPERIA™ platform the VIAjet™ V-Series features Matthews’ DOD valve jet ink jet technology that marks on porous and non-porous substrates including metal, paper and pulp, wood, concrete, and plastic. The VIAjet™ V-Series is the ideal ink jet marking and coding solution for challenging industrial environments as well as packing applications. Matthews’ DOD print heads are the fastest in the industry, marking over 244 meters/min (800 fpm) with the longest life – over 6 billion firings per head.

The V-Series features large character print, ranging from 3mm to 127 mm (1/8″ to 5″), and an ability to stack print heads for large logos and graphics. These features, combined with its durable design makes V-Series ideal to meeting the demands of extreme environments, such as OSB plants, paper mills and steel mills.

MPERIA™ , Matthews’ universal print platform operates the VIAjet™ V-Series and allows customers to control multiple production lines, integrate order processing, populate production data from order processing files and interface with new or existing databases- all from a single controller.

V-Link, an enclosed module featuring an internal power supply and print head driver board, enables communication between the DOD print head technology and the MPERIA™ controller through an Ethernet connection. Each V-Link can be stacked and networked through MPERIA™ , providing a flexible and scalable system for small or very large applications.

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