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ibTech’s specialization is in two clearly defined segments, where the in-house expertise and knowledge exceed over 25 years. We have been fortunate to be an active sojourner of the technology evolution process in Retail Shrink Reduction management and Non- contact online Coding and Marking globally working closely with the pioneers in the industry.

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EAS Systems


EAS System

ibTech understood the importance of total solutions in shrinkage protection that are seamlessly engaged and centrally monitored in modern day retailing environments. We take responsibility and accountability to create complete loss prevention solutions protecting nearly everything in the store, where the customers do not have to compromise on their shopping experience.

With unique technology breakthrough, Nedap revolutionized the very concept of traditional EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) systems transforming it to Intelligent Article Surveillance (IAS). The electronics is replaced by digital and totally software driven opening up huge possibilities therefore the iSense product range was born. Synchronized with accessories such as Nedap Smart Sensors, Smart Deactivators iSense is a new bench mark that is set by Nedap in the retail loss prevention industry that no competition could stand up against so far.

The IAS concept becomes more real with implementation of RFID in retail. The systems comes with RFiD ready hardware and more or less immediately becomes part of an intelligent set up. Retails worldwide unanimously agree that non-availability of stock on the store shelves are one major reason for lost opportunities. Item-level RFID offers retailers full control over their stock and enables retailers to optimize the stock accuracy to over 98%. Using RFID at item level, retailers remove the guesswork from the shop floor and successfully prevent out-of-stocks, overstocks and losses.

!Sense - Intelligent Article Surveillance

Next generation article surveillance

Today's global trend of connecting all devices to the internet has inspired Nedap to redefine the way electronic article surveillance (EAS) works today. The result is !Sense - a revolutionary intelligent article surveillance system that offers immense benefits compared to traditional EAS systems. !Sense reliably prevents losses in retail stores, embeds EAS into the retailer's existing security network and gathers actionable data directly from the stores around the world.

  • Integrated sensors
    Collect RF and/or RFID EAS alarm, booster bag and visitor counting data
  • Real-time reporting
    User-friendly local & organization-wide dashboards
  • Plug-and-play RFID-ready
    Easily upgrade from to RF to RFID
  • Always-on systems
    Remote management and automatic firmware updates

Bringing truly connected EAS to retail

With !Sense, the EAS antennas are connected to each other and the internet. That makes it possible to simply connect your EAS antennas to other devices like CCTV camera's or your enterprise security platform. The connectivity also enables you to gain real-time insights into potential security risks and the system performance. With local and organization-wide dashboards, your staff can easily monitor and benchmark...and take the right actions to permanently prevent losses.
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360 article surveillance

!Sense is ready for RFID whenever you are. !Sense can easily be upgraded to RFID whenever you want to start using RFID to optimize stock levels, have perfect on-shelf availability and use the antennas for 360 article surveillance. Upgrades from RF to RFID are fast, hassle-free and low-cost. After the upgrade, you can use the system with RF/RFID detection or RFID-only detection.


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Nedap being a technology pioneer in identification and Retail loss prevention industry, not only has created the most efficient EAS systems in the world but also integrated solutions where tens of thousands of systems are connected globally and used as an extremely powerful near real time MIS tool. Majority of ibTech clients in the Indo-Middle East region use this proven feature leaving their dependence on erratic and expired data.

Nedap Cube system enables staff access to key areas such as stock rooms, IT rooms, and other sensitive locations through assigned access cards thus prevent unauthorized entries. With Nedap's solution for Access Control, retailers can manage and monitor staff access to lockers and doors and centrally control access to store based on staff roles. On a one-off basis, permanently or based on a time profile. When doors of backrooms or drawers are open too long or when employees misuse their access cards, will be informed instantly.

  • Central control: Centrally manage profiles and staff based on responsibility.
  • Remote management: Instantly grant access to new employees or block access cards of past employees.
  • Real-time data for all events: Real-time analytics reporting and dashboards for store and security managers.
  • Automated reactions: Create automated reactions to intruder alarms, including blocking secondary alarms and activating lighting.
  • Connected systems: Remote maintenance and updating of all connected systems.
  • Organization-wide dashboard: The Retail Analytics dashboard gives regional / (inter-)national headquarters insight in the policy compliance of the store management in relation to the access control system. In the dashboard, all access cards, which have not been used for a long time are listed, and the use of identical pin codes is signaled.

Traditionally Electronic Article Surveillance equipment helped retailers as a deterrent against inventory shrinkage caused by intentional shoplifting though they were subject to limitations. Over the years Nedap R&D was able to eliminate almost everything bringing the systems to an essential part of a self-serviced retail store regardless of its class, balancing the aesthetics as well as technology. Today together with Nedap, ibTech is able to offer EAS solutions that can satisfy any complex inventory shrinkage prevention solutions starting with the basic standalone units to totally integrated, multi-location, almost endless numbers which can be monitored from one central point.

Nedap offers stylish RF EAS antennas with integrated advertising panels, customer counting and metal detection, without making the presence of the system an eyesore. . The high-performance RF EAS systems are equipped with Patented Orientation Independent Detection (OID) technology for unprecedented detection performance and detection of RF EAS tags in every possible orientation.

  • Regional service & support : Scalable EAS solutions.
  • State-of-the-art RF EAS antennas : Merchandise and profits protection
  • High-performance POS solutions: Smart deactivators and universal detachers expedite the POS process.
  • 100% tested RF labels & hard tags: Improve theft protection and bolster staff confidence.
  • In-store and organization-wide dashboards: Real-time data for monitoring and benchmarking.
  • Remote support: Quick response without the need for a repair crew in the stores during busy business hours.
  • Upgrade path from RF to RFID: Nedap offers future-proof RF EAS systems, which are easily upgradable to RFID when required. The future-proof RF to RFID upgrade path enables use of RF today and be RFID-ready for tomorrow. After the upgrade, either use hybrid RF/RFID technology or only RFID technology for loss prevention purposes.
  • Organization-wide dashboard: The organization-wide Retail Analytics dashboard enables monitoring and benchmarking of all stores remotely. Retail Analytics gives a detailed overview of the number and types of EAS alarms, and shows the alarm ratio per store. Based on this data, you can act upon the theft risk level in each store and have all stores learn from your best store.

Nedap FL45 Antenna

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Nedap FL30 Antenna

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Nedap PG27

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Nedap PG39

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Tags & Accessories

We offers a complete portfolio of soft labels and hard tags to optimally protect any kind of product, boost the EAS system performance and optimize your store processes. Selecting the right labels and tags is essential to make sure that your EAS investment is paying off, while your customers are not prevented from trying on the merchandise or reading important information on the packaging.

Label Portfolio

To perfectly secure every product, Nedap offers special EAS label solutions for a wide range of products such as food products, health & beauty products, glasses, jewellery, clothing and shoes.

Hard tag portfolio

The hard tag portfolio enables retailers to have a wide range of customer-friendly solutions that optimally protect the merchandise and also function as visual deterrents.

RF Labels & Hard Tags

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!FaST - Apparel Source Tagging

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RF Label

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Hard Tags

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