Secure Open Display Solutions

Nothing can better influence a purchase decision than “touch and feel” of the merchandise. Solid statics and testimonials prove that open display of products helped businesses grow multiple times contrary to the locked up merchandise displays.  As a part of Total loss prevention solutions concept, ibTech offer open display merchandise protection for electronics, mobiles phones, cameras etc. However, since majority of those products in the category are relatively expensive, securing them from shrinkage is also a greater challenge. ibTech in association with SAAA France have been able to address this requirement very successfully for many years. SAAA products are fully manufactured in France predominantly catering for the European market for the last 40 years.

  • Standalone Systems
  • Line Security Systems
  • Take & Watch Systems

Standalone Systems

Highly cost effective yet offering the maximum merchandise security for stores that operates on open display of their merchandise. SAAA standalone systems are quickly movable around the store counters, easily adaptable for Cameras, Watches, mobile phones and so on.

Line Security Systems

SAAA produced reliable and alarmed multiple systems managed from one control panel for many years. Clean looking Systems with self-retracting security cables were always the first choice of quality conscious clients across Europe and Middle East. SAAA now offers the Lite-me range of systems with unique combination of mechanical attachments for extra security with connectivity up to 240 units, equipped with centralized alarm monitoring and individual units monitoring.

Take & Watch Systems

An amazing business improvement tool that SAAA offers to the market is the take and watch systems. The system will automatically display the product data or even comparisons as a product is picked up by the customer. It provides statistical data of the product handling in the store apart from its usability for promotions, messages and facilitates touch and feel of the product.