Footfall Counting Solutions

Accurate and real time footfall data is the basis of major decisions in retail. Erratic footfall data will proportionally magnify itself in the accuracy of results of the decisions. One of the Key Indicative factor of a successful store is the conversion ratio, though every single department in a modern retail environment will find the data extremely valuable for their functions, be it, staff planning, stock replenishment, or marketing or store decisions. The near real time data input and compilation of graphical reports helps to corrective decisions before it become unrecoverable. Comparative data based on time, locations, stores are very useful for corporate retailers to improve their sales and profits. ibTech solutions for footfall count is not only the most accurate and reliable solutions available in the market but also most viable since it doesn’t require any local IT infrastructure.

  • Standalone / Integrated with EAS

PRODCO Analytics

PRODCO Analytics (Canada) and ibTech International have partnered for implementing advanced people counting solutions in the GCC & Indian markets. Having a combined experience of 30+ years in measuring traffic, we can confidently say that our clients value us as long term partners as we constantly aim to provide the right solutions and always improve on our service and values. Whether you are a mall manager or heading a retail division, our solution will enable you to gather meaningful insights that can help optimise your business and operations. 

NEDAP Retail

Nedap counts visitors as they enter the store and provides reliable, real-time information to the store manager and (regional) headquarters. These visitor statistics enable you to accurately match staffing levels to peak shopping times, and to get insights into which staff teams are being most effective. By comparing different staff teams, and from store to store, you can raise the conversion rate across the operation and make sure that your customer service is optimized while your store is neither under- nor overstaffed.

  • Stand-alone or integrated solutions
    Fully integrated in your EAS antennas or floor-/wall-mounted systems
  • Real-time data
    Track visitor numbers in real time
  • One organization-wide dashboard for all your stores
    Benchmark and compare teams and stores
  • Calculate your staff planning
    Compare peak hours, dwell time and staffing levels with visitor numbers
  • Connected systems
    Remote maintenance and updating of all connected systems

Organization-wide dashboard

Monitor and benchmark all your stores in the organization-wide using the Analytics dashboard for retail, malls, museums, etc. which enables you to track visitor numbers in real time. Our Analytics dashboard gives you insight in the number of visitors, the average dwell time and the visitors per square meter. This results in the total selling time, zone based traffic and the consequences for the theft risk in each store.