Retail Solutions

ibTech understood the significance of implementing total solutions in retail shrinkage prevention that are seamlessly engaged and centrally monitored in modern day multi-location, multi-store retailing environments. We take responsibility and accountability to create completely technology driven loss prevention solutions protecting nearly everything in a store. The customers therefore do not have to compromise on their shopping experience and the retailers don’t have to watch the people but can be assured that their merchandise is constantly protected. ibTech offer time tested, and proven solutions comprising of networked intelligent EAS systems, Inline security systems, Extra-strong safer systems, a vast variety of soft and hard tags and many more.

EAS Systems

Traditionally Electronic Article Surveillance equipment helped retailers as a deterrent against inventory shrinkage caused by intentional shoplifting.

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Secure Open Display Solutions

As a part of Total loss prevention solutions concept, ibTech offer open display merchandise protection for electronics, mobiles phones, cameras etc.

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Footfall Counting Solutions

Accurate and real time footfall data is the basis of major decisions in retail. Erratic footfall data will proportionally magnify itself in the accuracy of results of the decisions.

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