Industrial Solutions

ibTech enjoys the combination of experience and industry knowledge in the complex industrial coding and marking. As the corporate policy of the company quality, technology excellence and ROI to the clients as the benchmarks that we employ while choosing a coding solution. It was therefore fit that we partner with Leibinger Germany and Matthews Marking from Sweden, both the organizations are unchallenged leaders in Continuous Ink jet marking technology for high speed small character non-contact coding technology and large character Drop on Demand printing technology, respectively. While Leigbinger is able to print the smallest characters in the industry at high speed, Matthews is capable of meeting any large and high resolution character print applications.

Continous Inkjet Printing

Traditionally Electronic Article Surveillance equipment helped retailers as a deterrent against inventory shrinkage caused by intentional shoplifting.

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High Resolution Printer

As a part of Total loss prevention solutions concept, ibTech offer open display merchandise protection for electronics, mobiles phones, cameras etc.

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Drop On Demand

Accurate and real time footfall data is the basis of major decisions in retail. Erratic footfall data will proportionally magnify itself in the accuracy of results of the decisions.

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