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ibTech International

ibTech is dedicated to bring the brilliance of technology into modern business houses to help them succeed and grow consistently. We brought together the best of people and technology creating the winning formula for the benefit of our clients.

Consider the following typical senarios:

  • The heads of Finance, marketing, maintenance and IT come together and decide on an objective to achieve 100% inventory shrinkage protection, increase the sales by 50% on high value merchandise, raise conversion by 3%, reduce downtown to negative and network all stores.

  • A library with few thousands of invaluable books wants to increase operational efficiency, must have real time tracking of every transactions, and allow the customers to do everything by themselves at their pace even after library hours and remotely manage few satellite libraries schools, hospitals and jails.

  • A production manager wants to trace and call back a batch of his products that are already distributed to the international market and wants a quick report on the total items passed through the final packing line.

Challenges like these always occur in modern business environment and cannot be met by any conventional product but only integration of technology. In ibTech we specialize to offer custom tailored solutions for complex challenges that business establishments face every day. We define, create and deliver proven technology enabled solutions that are the products of the combination of knowledge, experience and strategic partnership with industry leaders.

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